Sam and I are trying something new for 2019: a comedy wrestling YouTube channel called Babyface Bullies. Our first video is below. Check it out and let me know what you think.


I used Zelo Pro’s Milwaukee Meltdown to write about all of the awesome women wrestlers on the independents. Tessa Blanchard is frickin’ star, but they are all great. I also made sure to name drop Manami Toyota (probably the greatest wrestler of all time) and Sara Del Rey (who changed my perception of women wrestling) because of course I did.

Yet for all the good that WWE has done within the past year, they are still behind, and it’s companies like Zelo Pro that are leading the way in bringing true equality to professional wrestling.

Of course, that is easy to do when you have wrestlers like Tessa Blanchard and Kylie Ray to headline your shows.

Read it here.


RIP Larry

I once had a dog named Muska. My then girlfriend bought him for us and we named him after my favorite skateboarder, Chad Muska. We all moved to Tacoma and our relationship ended, Muska stayed behind. I was sad about relationship, but it was the dog that I missed.

Moving back to Alabama, I did some dumb stuff. I was directionless like so many people in their mid-20s and one day I decided that the thing missing from my life was a dog. So, I went out and found Larry.

The place I got him from is hard to explain to someone who has never been in the South. It was a trailer in the woods and there were quite a few dogs running around. I remember lots of camo and these dogs were clearly bred to help with hunting. I just wanted a beagle. Dressed in my pseudo-preppy outfit from my very serious job at a furniture store, the guy knew I wasn’t going on any hunts.

“What are you gonna do, make him a yard dog?” (more…)


Less Than Three Months

I always thought of myself as someone who would get married. I can remember dating someone for a couple of months and talking about what it would be like if we got married, but never in any sort of serious manner and never in a way where it was actually possible. With Sam I took it slow and didn’t try to say anything like that too early in the relationship, but I knew early on that if I didn’t marry Sam that I probably wouldn’t get married. That if I fucked this one up, this one that was better than all those other ones, I just wasn’t going to be the marrying type. (I could say more here, but I don’t want to step on any material I might need for my vows.) Now it’s happening and it’s happening soon.

We’re a little less than three months until the wedding which will take place on January 28th in the city of New Orleans. (more…)