iZombie Season 1 Review

This show is dumb, like really dumb.

It’s about a woman who becomes a zombie, but doesn’t become one of those zombies as long as she eats brains. So she quits her job and goes to work at the medical examiner’s office where fresh brains come in regularly. When she eats these brains she gets visions of the people that she eats and helps to solve the crime of how they were murdered while also taking on their personality traits.

Like I said, dumb. The premise is absolutely ridiculous and I never would’ve even bothered to check out the show if it wasn’t for the executive producers, Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero. You see, Rob Thomas created my all-time favorite show, Veronica Mars, and Diane Ruggiero was a key part of the writing staff and an executive producer. They absolutely nailed that show and earned my loyalty to the point that I would watch this show.  (more…)