The Cubs Won The World Series

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series and I’m left wondering what the big deal is.

Everyone I know is really excited about this and I’m happy for the family and friends that I have who are Cubs fan. My uncle is the biggest Cubs fan I know, he listens to pretty much every game of the season on the radio and he does it every single year. I couldn’t be happier for him. He deserves this. All those fans deserve this, except for the ones who are entitled, drunk jerks. So, like 30% of them deserve this. Good for you guys. I just don’t see what the big deal is.

I think something that makes me not that impressed is that this seems like it was destined to be this way. The Cubs were the best team in baseball this season. If it wasn’t for a weak June and July, they would’ve played .700 baseball and challenged the all-time wins record. They weren’t just the best team; they were the best team by a large margin.

The Ricketts bought the team and then hired the best general manager on the market to build the team. Theo Epstein helped the Red Sox get over their long “curse” so why couldn’t he do it here? Epstein, Jed Hoyer and the rest of the Cubs braintrust started to work. They lost a bunch of games on purpose and got high draft picks. Then they drafted the likely MVP Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwarber, Javier Baez, Willson Contreas and so many more. They made good baseball trades for Addison Russell, Jake Arrieta, Kyle Hendricks and Anthony Rizzo. They built a young core of players and watched them blossom into All-Stars. They hired the best manager in the game and then they spent…  and spent and spent.

They scored the top free agent pitcher last season when they grabbed Jon Lester and then went crazy last winter when they added Ben Zobrist, John Lackey and Jason Heyward. The Cubs then added one of the biggest name closers in the game when they grabbed Aroldis Chapman in a trade. They made the NLCS last year then went ALL-IN this year to make sure they won it all. Before the season Vegas odds had them 4-1 to win the World Series, the only team to have single digit odds. They were the favorite all year long by a large margin.

Despite being down 3-1 and having less than a 30% chance to win the series, the Cubs were favored in each of the last three games by Vegas. Is that an underdog?

I wanted the Indians to win, but not for some blind hatred of the Cubs but because that would’ve actually been a surprise. They weren’t supposed to be there. They were facing the big favorite and were without two of their best starters, their starting catcher and one of their best hitters. They didn’t belong here and that would’ve been fun because the Cubs winning felt so predetermined. A far bigger upset than the Cubs vs. time.

It’s weird to say it out loud, but it felt to me all year like the Cubs already won the World Series. It felt inevitable. They were the best team by far. Them winning the World Series is only a shock if you never watch baseball and caught the game flipping through the channels.

In fact, I’d go one step further and argue that this felt inevitable two years ago. That season the Cubs went 73-89, but everyone in the world knew how good they’d be. They had Rizzo and Arrieta on the main club, but the rest was still waiting. After that season is when I decided to close my Brewers blog, Miller Park Drunk. It was unrelated, but these were the last words I ever wrote there:

The Cubs Are Going To Win The World Series Soon So You Should Probably Quit Watching Baseball Forever

The best hitting prospects, the best front office and now the best manager. The wallet is going to open and the Cubs will be the new Yankees. The Cardinals will be the Red Sox and the Brewers will be the new 90s Tampa Bay Rays. It’ll be the worst and baseball will be the dumbest dumb-dumb sport in the world. Save yourself the trouble. Get out while you still can.

This is the end and the beginning. The end of the Cubs fans feeling like they will never win and the beginning of the time when they feel they always deserve to win. This is the end of the narrative. The Cubs can win. The Cubs will win. The Cubs always win. This is the beginning of the dynasty.

I know it just started, but I think I’m already sick of the Cubs.

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